Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shh...we've taken her regular baby and replaced it with Folgers Crystals...

I've had to come to the inevitable conclusion that my baby isn't quite a baby anymore. We had her pictures taken last week, and as we were going through all the different poses to pick our favorites, I kept thinking "Someone stole my baby and left this big kid!" At one point the photographer says he wants to get some pictures of her standing, ok, well she's been standing on her own for short periods of time, but I was wary that we would be able to get her to do it long enough to get any good shots. So I stand her up and she stood there! When I first saw this picture it hit me, she's almost 1 year old, and soon she will be walking and talking, and driving, and going off to college and OMG where is my baby!?!
Then they tried to get her to stand next to this little column thing, and all she wanted to do was push it around the set! She is starting to take 1 or 2 steps on her own now, and I keep holding my breath everytime it looks like she is going to start walking.
She's so mobile already, I can't even imagine what she's going to be into when she isn't restrained to crawling and cruising.
But one up side, now that she is a "big girl" she is actually taking naps! Right after she turned 9 months old, she all of a sudden decided to go from taking maybe 1 - 30 min to 1 hour nap, to taking 2 - 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps!! And she still sleeps 9-10 hours straight at night!! Of course I was worried at first, thinking she must be sick or something, but day after day she kept taking naps and now her normal routine is to go down for a nap around 11:30-12 and another nap around 5:30-6, then bedtime around 9:30pm.
As much as I miss the little baby that she used to be, I am really in no rush to have another and start all over again. I know if my hubby had his way I'd probably already be pregnant, he really wants his little boy! I think I'll probably be ready to try next summer, so that Amryn will be around 3 and hopefully potty trained before a baby arrives in the picture.

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