Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Driver!

When you drive the same route enough, you start to realize little things, like where the potholes are and that sort of thing. On the route to/from taking my hubby from work there is a place where an off ramp meets a street, and often times cars turning right on red will cut in front of traffic moving forward through the intersection. So usually when I come to this intersection and my light is green, I'll pause a moment when I see a car coming up on the right thinking that they may try to pull out in front of me. I did this today, and while I paused to see if this car was going to pull out, another car runs the red light and goes flying through the intersection what felt like just inches in front of me. I instantly realized, had I not let off on the gas a bit thinking that car was going to turn, I would have been hit by this car going atleast 45mph! (By the time I realized that this car had just crossed in front of me and looked to the left, the car was already down the on ramp and on the freeway!) When I learned to drive I was taught by my father that you have to drive your car and everyone elses, meaning you do have to anticipate what people may do, and that little bit of knowledge may have infact saved my life or the life of my daughter today. Thanks Dad.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Soon - My first Giveaway!

I've gotten a great opportunity to give away a pretty cool gift package on my blog. More info to come probably next week! I'm getting one too and want to check it out before posting the contest.

I'm not too sure yet how to run a giveaway, so if anyone has any advice please leave a comment.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toddler Chic

When I moved into my first apartment without roommates, my decorating style was basically what I would call "College Chic" i.e. mostly leftovers from my childhood bedroom and hand me downs from various relatives. Thing is, I wasn't in college anymore, and even when I was in college I always lived with roommates that had all the furniture and stuff so I never had to worry about it. Then I went through a stage that I would call "Ikea Chic" in which like 90% of my home furnishings came flat packed with picture instructions and an allen wrench, the remaining 10% was the aforementioned "College Chic". Over the years I have replaced a few pieces, a new La-Z-boy sectional, a new, larger bed, but my decorating sense has pretty much stayed the same...until I became the mother of a toddler.

Today I'd say our apartment is "Toddler Chic", an eclectic style which includes toy strewn flooring and empty shelving below the 3 foot mark. Framed posters and prints that once hung on the walls have been replaced with framed pictures of a smiling chubby cheeked infant. The coffee table is gone now, it's sharp corners too dangerous for a once wobbly walker. Any surface which may have once been clean and shiny is now covered in tiny little finger and nose prints. A once large great room, is now bisected by a large metal and mesh contraption with a gate in the center. A high chair now stands next to my hand-me-down dining room table, the carpet underneath covered by a new plastic area rug. The entire design is really decorating by Amryn.

For those interested in this new "Toddler Chic" style, I'd like to pass on some advice...never buy anything that has an open bottom or sits off the ground. I am constantly down on my hands and knees retrieving toys/books/sippy cups from under our furniture! I don't expect to see "Toddler Chic" hit it big on HGTV anytime soon, but that's okay, it is the style that works for us!