Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Soon - My first Giveaway!

I've gotten a great opportunity to give away a pretty cool gift package on my blog. More info to come probably next week! I'm getting one too and want to check it out before posting the contest.

I'm not too sure yet how to run a giveaway, so if anyone has any advice please leave a comment.


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  2. First-the car thing--YIKES! I think your dad's advice was VERY good.

    I have done giveaways in a couple of ways. I did one last week; if you want to check it out to see how I ran it, click here. A couple of pieces of advice--you can close comments when you announce the winner (Edit Post--"Post Options" at bottom of posting screen.) That way people don't continue to enter. Also with the new FTC (?) rules, be sure to disclose that you're getting free product in order to do the giveaway.

    I'm a friend of Jennnifer/Isabella's. :)