Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

What a difference nearly 2 years makes...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

In an effort to keep up with blogging, I will be trying out some random Memes and other such things. Today it is Top 2 Tuesday with The Undomestic Momma.

Today's Top 2 - 2 Random Facts About Yourself

1) I'm left handed, but pretty much the only things I do left handed are write and hold a fork. I cut with my right hand (probably from a lack of left handed scissors as a child), throw with my right hand etc.

2) I'm a reality TV junkie, some of my current favorites are: Project Runway, Models of the Runway,Ruby, 16 and Pregnant, True Life, 19 Kids and Counting, Celebrity Apprentice...umm I'm sure there are more, but you get the idea.

I don't know how "random" those are, but there ya go.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Dear Dear Hubby....

So while on the computer tonight, my hubby comes across pics of my header and button on our computer. Now I know he knew at one point that I had a blog, but I never really told him much about he says "Jess in Momland?" and I'm like "Yea, those are things for my blog." He says "You don't write about our fights do you?" (Geez, it isn't like we're fighting all the time, and even when we have an arguement it isn't like it is about anything that anyone would want to read about...) ", just about Mom stuff." "Well, does anyone it?" I smile and tell him "Actualy I have over 50 followers now." He says "Yea, but how many people we don't know?" "Actually, all of them are people we don't know." I think he was a bit surprised by that. We'll see if he actually tries reading the blog next.

My Button- Yay!

Thank you everyone for the great tips and links about making a button. I started off with the directions on Shasher's Stories where they talk about using Picnik to create the button, then uploading it onto Photobucket, and then using the directions from A Heart for Home to get the text box for your blog. So it isn't the most elaborate or coolest looking button, but I think it will work for now. If you want to grab my button you can find it on the right side-bar, then leave a comment so I can come and grab yours too!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday....

It's Six Word Saturday time again...

Up early + No nap = Crazy Mommy

(Hey I only used six words, symbols don't count right?)

Are These Not the Cutest Movie Stars You've Ever Seen?

While at the movies recently I saw a preview for the movie Babies, and it really caught my attention. So I was really excited when I was given the opportunity by Bzzagent to spread the word about this amazing film, which hits theatres on May 7th, just in time for Mother's Day. Babies will follow the lives of four babies in four very different parts of the world.

Bayarjagal is from Bayanchandmani, Mongolia.

Hattie from San Fransisco, California.

Mari from Tokyo, Japan.

And Ponijao from Opuwo, Namibia.

I am really excited to see this movie, I think it will offer me as a parent a better appreciation for all the "luxuries" we have in this country that help us in the raising of our children (disposable diapers, wipes, bottles, breast pumps...)But I think it will also give me greater insight into how simple and natural parenting can be with out all of those things, and to maybe not stress so much about being the "perfect Mom" because hey, sometimes the goat is just going to drink the bathwater.

So please enjoy this trailer for the film Babies, in theatres May 7th!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Friend Friday

I love reading blogs, so I'm always on the lookout for fun new "reads". So I thought what better way then to join in on New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative. Thanks for stopping by!

The Girl Creative

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Button Button I Don't Have a Button!

Can someone tell me how to create a button for my blog? Or perhaps give me a link that would lead me to some sort of online tutorial? Or ya know if you're feeling really super helpful and bored...maybe make one for me? Haha thanks!'s Thursday...

It's Thursday, and I haven't made a post since Monday...just sitting here trying to do some free flow writing to see if anything comes to me. I remember taking a writing class in college, we actually met in a computer lab so everyone got to sit at a computer and the Professor would tell us to just keep typing even if we only typed one word over and over again until something came to us. I don't think that would make for very interesting blogging, so I'll try to atleast come up with different words for you to read.

Wednesday was definitely one of those "terrible" 2's days, Amryn awoke sometime around 6am, she wouldn't go back to sleep on her own, so hubby ended up bringing her in to the bedroom where she slept with me. We later went out to run some errands and grab a bite to eat, then got home and put Amryn down for a nap. She usually cries when we leave the room after putting her in her crib, but she usually settles down after a couple of minutes and goes to sleep. Today she would not stop talking, and calling for us, and then crying. So I finally decided to go in and get her, I pick her up and instantly feel wetness, which I thought was strange because I had changed her before putting her down so there was no way her diaper should have leaked. Upon further inspection I realize that she had a total blow-out diaper, it was up her front and up her back and leaking from all sides. So instead of wasting an entire box of wipes it was off to the bathtub for the second bath of the day. She didn't seem to bothered, and didn't have a fever or anything, so I'm guessing that maybe something she ate didn't agree with her or something. Needless to say, she didn't get a nap today, so around 7pm she was in full out whiner mode and into everything, nothing made her happy, she was crying and just all around unpleasant. It didn't help matters that our dog has decided that since Spring is in the air that he's getting a little frisky, and likes to try to knock Amryn down and mount her. (He's fixed too!) So he gets all riled up and is try to jump on her and naw on her hands and sniff at her butt and just being a real pain in the ass. She's screaming and crying and yelling "No Siggy!" and running away only encourages him more! So I finally made her sit up on the couch with me until he could calm down. He's normally a really great dog, and super sweet, I just think we need to get him out to the dog park more to get his energy out, but with our lovely rainy Oregon winters/springs we haven't had alot of opportunities yet. Needless to say, after the day we had she went to bed early last night, luckily without a fuss.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Micro Monday...

I haven't been following the health care bill too closely, but it seems to me that those who are bitching and complaining about it, ALREADY HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! So as soon as they have to decide if they are really "sick enough" to warrant going into debt for $1,000 for one emergency room visit, or to just suffer with it and hope it doesn't get any worse, then they can start bitching. When they have life threatening and life altering conditions that are left untreated because they can't afford to go to a Dr, or get lab work, or buy prescriptions, then maybe they can start complaining. Maybe when they are told the only way they can get Medicaid is to get pregant, then maybe they can get upset. Until then, enjoy lviing in your big houses, driving your fancy cars, and going to the Dr. whenever you get a sniffle, and STFU!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lonely in Momland

My life in Momland has gotten kind of lonely lately...I really feel like I don't have any friends. I'm kind of strange, yeah I'm a "Mom" but I don't fit in with the homemaking, scrapbooking, soccer Moms from the playgroups. I was a fag hag, I know more about which gay bar serves the strongest drinks than I do about which playground has the best slides. I don't really fit in with my old friends either, I no longer have the luxury, freedom, or desire to go out to bars 3 or 4 days a week, or the expendable income to go shopping, or out to restaurants like we used to. And those impromptu road trips where we'd decided to drive 4 hrs at 9pm on a Saturday, those are definitely out. I still love my gay male friends, and I know there are a few of them that would still do anything for me if I asked, I guess I just feel like I don't have anything in common with them anymore. Yet I lived in that scene for so long that I feel like I don't know how to act around straight people, especially women. I don't really care about hair and makeup, and being a plus sized gal I can't really go right out and buy the "latest" thing, and probably wouldn't waste the money on it even if I could.

So obviously I need to find "my people" now, because while I love my hubby I really do need some sort of other interaction with adults or I may go mad. I need to find some normal mothers, the ones who don't do their hair and makeup for a playdate, Moms who throw on a pair of lounge pants and a t-shirt, put their hair up in a pony tail and call it good. Moms who don't care about driving the newest and biggest SUV, or living in the largest and nicest house. Aren't there other Moms out there whose idea of "me time" is taking a bath and reading a good book? I don't cook gourmet meals, my apartment often looks like a tornado hit it, and while I sometimes like to get "a little crafty" I haven't had the time or space to do anything in over 2 years now. I don't want to hang out with Moms who are constantly critiquing everything I say so they can judge me because they apparently think I am judging them, or who are so crazy about their little snookums that they can't even get more than 2 inches from them. My God, you did have them cut the cord after birth right? I mean jeez, you might as well wrap them in bubble wrap.

Honestly, my perfect friends would be Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family. I totally need to find some gay men with children.


Recently I learned about a site called the Mom Bloggers Club, it sounded interesting so I joined the site and a couple of "groups". I never imagined I'd go from like 7 readers to over 30 in less than a week! Thank you everyone for coming to my little piece of the web, and for following and leaving comments! I am doing my best to try to get to everyone's blog to return the favor, but this has caught me a bit off gaurd so it could take me a bit! But hopefully now I will feel more motivated to actually keep up with my blogging!

Six Word Saturday

Sun and 70's, Spring is here!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Special Request for my Hubby...

If anyone here is a Dr. Pepper drinker, they have just come out with new specially marked bottles from EA games that have codes under the caps. My husband would love to get as many of those as he can to get items for his Xbox360 games. If you have any of these bottles and don't want the codes please leave me a comment!

Thank you everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

Daddy's Little Girl

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where did 2 years go?

Yesterday I finally got our digital camcorder hooked up to our computer to upload over a years worth of little videos and pictures. Once they were on the computer I couldn't resist watching a few of them, my little baby playing with toys, our first family trip to the zoo, and Amryn digging into her 1st birthday cake, and I wondered to myself...where did all the time go? I can not believe my little girl is going to be two next month, but then I think about the stubborness, the fit throwing and the high pitch screaming that we've had going on here the last couple of months and I know we are right in those "terrible 2's".

But, there are some pretty terrific things about 2's too, she's more and more verbal everyday as now she can start to form sentences with 3-5 words, she's also now old enough to really participate in activities and she remembers and talks about things we have done (after our recent beach trip she now asks everytime we leave the house if we're going to the beach). She is also now old enough to play with some pretty cool stuff - coloring in coloring books, playing with dolls, and I can not wait to give her the kitchen we bought her for her birthday (we got it on 50% off clearance after Christmas for $49.99 and have had it in storage ever since)!! Having an almost 2 year old also means we have a little helper, she can bring things to you from across the room, or pick up stuff off the floor, a guy at Hollywood video got a good laugh when he heard Jason ask Amryn to get a video game off the bottom shelf for him. So I guess 2 won't be all terrible...ugh if we survive potty training.

Amryn devouring her 1st birthday cake

Amryn at the beach drawing in the sand