Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Dear Dear Hubby....

So while on the computer tonight, my hubby comes across pics of my header and button on our computer. Now I know he knew at one point that I had a blog, but I never really told him much about he says "Jess in Momland?" and I'm like "Yea, those are things for my blog." He says "You don't write about our fights do you?" (Geez, it isn't like we're fighting all the time, and even when we have an arguement it isn't like it is about anything that anyone would want to read about...) ", just about Mom stuff." "Well, does anyone it?" I smile and tell him "Actualy I have over 50 followers now." He says "Yea, but how many people we don't know?" "Actually, all of them are people we don't know." I think he was a bit surprised by that. We'll see if he actually tries reading the blog next.

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  1. how funny is that :)

    Stopping by from MBC and now following you...

    Have a great week,