Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho..it's Back to Work I Go???

So I've been toying with the idea of going back to work for awhile now...I am a teacher, with a BS degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and just one portfolio away from a Masters degree in Reading and Literacy. I was looking to perhaps go back to teaching preschool part-time, somewhere I could also have Amryn in daycare as well. But there just haven't been any jobs in our area. Previously, I did some work as a substitute teacher in our local school district, but that schedule was just too unpredictable to allow for me to find daycare for Amryn.

Then I noticed on craigslist that my husband's work is hiring for part-time. (Yea, okay maybe he had mentioned it before...) From the ad we realized that we could work opposite shifts and then we wouldn't need daycare (except for a 4 week period when I'll be training full time). So I went ahead and put in my application online.

Then hubby talked to his supervisor about me applying, and learned about a job fair they are having this coming Saturday. He also said that she seemed really excited when she learned that I have a BS degree, and almost a Masters degree, even if they are totally unrelated to the job (home equity collections). I guess they hired like 15 people on the spot at the last job fair, so I'm hoping to know on Saturday if I'm going to be starting work on June 15th (when the next training class starts).

This leaves us in the position of perhaps needing daycare in less than 3 weeks! So I've been doing some research, and OMG daycare is expensive!! I mean if we had to have her in daycare full time for longer than a month it really wouldn't be worth me going back to work! The YMCA is almost $900 a month for only 4 full days, plus a $50 registration fee! In home daycares seem to range from $600-$800 for 4 or 5 full days.

While I would of course like to keep as much of my paycheck as possible, I am also super concerned about finding a good quality daycare. I'm trying not to think too much about it, or I start getting a major case of Mommy guilt. While I know she will probably LOVE daycare and getting to play with other kids. The guilty Mommy part of me worries that she won't get all the love and attention that she is used to, what if she is crying and no one can comfort her?!? Do I put her in a daycare center, a in home daycare, or do I find a nice stay at home Mom looking to make some extra money?! And what about the germs?! Amryn has never really been sick other than some sniffles while teething, is she going to go to daycare and immediately come down with some monster illness?!?! See...I just can't think about it all or I go crazy!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My daughter loves junk mail, newspapers, ads, catalogs, post cards, anything addressed to "Current Resident" the child loves it all! This child has hundreds of dollars in toys, but her greatest joy is to sit on the living room floor surrounded by piles of junk mail. As I type she is currently investigating what is on sale at Albertsons. Sure eventually things get mangled or ripped up, but there is always a steady stream of new "toys" coming in the mailbox. No, she isn't embarassed, she just doesn't like the flash on the camera.

The teacher in me says it is positive because it allows her exposure to various forms of print. The Mom in me is just happy that something entertains her for 15 minutes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

WTF?! Miss California

I saw this on a friend's blog, thought it was pretty funny, and wanted to share it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The bedtime guy.

My hubby works long hours, sometimes as many as 10+hours a day up to 6 days a week, and doesn't usually get off work until 9pm. So he misses out on alot of time with Amryn. Awhile back he offered to put Amryn to bed, and it has since become a nightly Daddy/daughter ritual. I'm not entirely clear how her does it, but she goes down at night alot easier for him than she ever did for me, apparently there are steps involved, including kisses and the ceremonal turning on of the fish tank thing in her crib. I'm glad they have their special time together, however brief. She has definately turned into a "daddy's girl" and it is just so cute!

On a side note, we have taught Amryn to blow kisses! As my hubby would carry her back the hall toward her room I would blow her kisses and tell her good night. Then hubby would show her how to give them back. Well the other night I blow her kisses and she did it back all on her own! It is the cutest thing ever!