Thursday, March 25, 2010's Thursday...

It's Thursday, and I haven't made a post since Monday...just sitting here trying to do some free flow writing to see if anything comes to me. I remember taking a writing class in college, we actually met in a computer lab so everyone got to sit at a computer and the Professor would tell us to just keep typing even if we only typed one word over and over again until something came to us. I don't think that would make for very interesting blogging, so I'll try to atleast come up with different words for you to read.

Wednesday was definitely one of those "terrible" 2's days, Amryn awoke sometime around 6am, she wouldn't go back to sleep on her own, so hubby ended up bringing her in to the bedroom where she slept with me. We later went out to run some errands and grab a bite to eat, then got home and put Amryn down for a nap. She usually cries when we leave the room after putting her in her crib, but she usually settles down after a couple of minutes and goes to sleep. Today she would not stop talking, and calling for us, and then crying. So I finally decided to go in and get her, I pick her up and instantly feel wetness, which I thought was strange because I had changed her before putting her down so there was no way her diaper should have leaked. Upon further inspection I realize that she had a total blow-out diaper, it was up her front and up her back and leaking from all sides. So instead of wasting an entire box of wipes it was off to the bathtub for the second bath of the day. She didn't seem to bothered, and didn't have a fever or anything, so I'm guessing that maybe something she ate didn't agree with her or something. Needless to say, she didn't get a nap today, so around 7pm she was in full out whiner mode and into everything, nothing made her happy, she was crying and just all around unpleasant. It didn't help matters that our dog has decided that since Spring is in the air that he's getting a little frisky, and likes to try to knock Amryn down and mount her. (He's fixed too!) So he gets all riled up and is try to jump on her and naw on her hands and sniff at her butt and just being a real pain in the ass. She's screaming and crying and yelling "No Siggy!" and running away only encourages him more! So I finally made her sit up on the couch with me until he could calm down. He's normally a really great dog, and super sweet, I just think we need to get him out to the dog park more to get his energy out, but with our lovely rainy Oregon winters/springs we haven't had alot of opportunities yet. Needless to say, after the day we had she went to bed early last night, luckily without a fuss.

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