Sunday, August 1, 2010

No Mess Watercolors

  Amryn is one creative little girl, she loves to color and draw, a real little artist. Recently I got out a set of watercolor paints for her to try, I was a bit nervous about the possible mess, but figured since they were watercolors,and water soluable, that it would be a pretty easy cleanup. As I'm looking in the cupboard for a cup to give her some water for her brush, I had a brain storm! We have several of those plastic cups with lids that you get at restaurants with the kids meals, you know the kind with the hole in the top for a straw? I grabbed one of those, filled it with a bit of water, and stuck the paint brush in the straw hole! I took it over to Amryn and showed her how to put the brush in the hole and pull it out, and that was all it took! Even when the cup tipped over, only a few drops leaked out! I'll try to update this post later with some photos, but I wanted to get this little tip out there, maybe I can save you all from some floods!

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