Monday, June 1, 2009

In the swim of things...

After much planning, canceling and re-planning we finally took Amryn for her first swim in the pool. She had gone in a hot tub with us back in February and really enjoyed it, so I was really excited to see how she would like the big pool.

And she really seemed to like it, she loved riding around in her Pooh boat, especially when I pushed her around and made the boat noise. She kept trying to drink the water though, she would stick her hand in the water and then suck the drops off, or she would lick off the water that landed on her boat. Ewwww. My husband was fairly concerned, but I told it I'm sure it would be okay, it wasn't like she was drinking gallons of it!
Of course she was very interested in all of the kids in the pool who were jumping in and making lots of waves and noise. And of course she had to say "Hi" to as many people as possible. She's such a social butterfly.

We've had exceptionally nice weather the past few weeks here in Oregon. I'm sure if this keeps up for awhile they will be screaming "drought" by the end of the summer. I've been having so much fun dressing Ammy in all of the summer clothes that have been waiting in her closet. Besides her new swimsuit, her newest summer wardrobe addition is a cute bucket hat we got at Dollar Tree. She'll wear it for a few minutes, usually if she is outside. We just have to make sure her Papa doesn't see it, or he may stick some fishing lures in it and a pole in her hand! lol

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