Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry I've been slacking...

So as you can see by the long gap in posts, I've been majorly slacking off on the blogging thing. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs, but I just never know what to write on my own!
For those new to my blog, welcome! I promise to try to offer you something of interest or entertainment to read here.

Well the biggest news around here is we have added a family member. No no, I didn't give in to the raging baby fever, we got a dog. My cat Sassy passed away last month, and I had always told Jason that after the cat we could get the dog he wanted, a pug. Well I found an ad on craigslist for a 3 1/2 year old pug that was free to a good home, the people had to relocate for work and couldn't take their dogs with them. So I sent them an email and while Jason was at work, Amryn and I went to meet them and their pug Sigmund. He was great with Amryn, and I knew Jason was very excited about getting his "dream dog" so we took Sigmund home that night. Somehow "Jason's dog" has decided that I am his person, he follows me around and sleeps on my feet everynight in bed, I think this annoys Jason just a tiny bit because Sigmund was supposed to be "his dog". But I must admit, I am actually surprised that I love this ugly little fur baby so much. We didn't really have dogs when I was growing up, I think the last one we had I was like 3 years old, so I was used to having cats. All the things I didn't think I liked about having dogs (walking, cleaning up poop etc) are all things that I really don't even mind doing, because I love all the doggy cuddles and puppy breath! Amryn is having a great time with him too...

We couldn't come up with any other name we could agree on, so he has stayed Sigmund, or "Siggy". Amryn insists on calling him "Baby" I guess anything smaller than her is a baby.

It has been a major life adjustment, but Sigmund is fitting in perfectly!


  1. Occasionally I wonder about whether I'd like having a dog one day (the poop-scooping does put me off). I had a couple of mice when I was growing up, but nothing bigger, so I'm not really used to 'big' pets. I'm glad you're finding it such an easy adjustment :)

  2. Very cute! Following from MBC.Have a great day!