Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've been neglecting my blog again...I think I just need to sit down everyday and make myself write something. I have lots of things to say, I think I just worry that it won't be interesting to anyone, or not as well written or witty or funny as the blogs I enjoy reading. But anyway...

Februray is a big month around Momland...I just celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 7th. Lucky for me the hubby is not a huge sports fan, and didn't mind going out to dinner in the middle of the Superbowl. Then of course we had the 14th, the in-laws came over in the afternoon to babysit and hubby and I went to see the movie Valentines Day, and then out for Thai food. And finally on the 27th my dear husband and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! I always joke that my husband lucked out, he gets all the big "wife" days out of the way in one month and is free from worring the rest of the year that he'll forget my birthday or anniversary. (Well, he better not forget our anniversary since he picked the date, 27, because my birthday is 2-7)

So as part of the celebration for all of this months big events, this week we took a trip to the beach for 3 nights, with daughter and dog in tow. The weather was amazing, sunny and beautiful except for the night we arrived when it was raining. We went for a walk on the beach on Tuesday morning, Amryn saw a seagull, pointed, and said "Chicken!" She then entertained herself with drawing in the sand with a stick. Sigmund got to meet a few other dogs, tried to chase some seagulls, and learned a quick lesson about how cold the water is on the Oregon coast, when he happily ran to the waters edge and it lapped at his paws. If I can finally figure out our digital camcorder that we've had over a year I'll try to upload some video from our trip. Wednesday was spent at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where Amryn was mesmerized by all the fish, especially the jelly fish. Of course no trip to the beach would be complete without some outlet mall shopping (Children's Place sale, 12 pieces of clothing $36!), and a couple of trips to Mo's for clam chowder! We got back yesterday, I think we're already ready to go back!

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