Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It seems like it has been raining here FOREVER. Ok, ok, I do know that I live in Oregon, but this is even a little much for our already infamous rainy-ness. I think we've had like 1 sunny day in like 20 some days...whatever, it is just sad and wet and depressing. It has gotten so bad the weather man has been joking about how this is more like our weather in January, and thus the new phrase "June-uary".  But you know what the worst part is about all this wet and cold? Amryn has an entirely new super cute summer wardrobe hanging in her closet which has never been worn! Meanwhile she's running around in size 18 month pants (because I didn't really want to waste money on the next size up when she should be wearing all the cute summer clothes I already spent money on), which could be a good thing for when the floods hit because the child has grown like 4 inches in the past 6 months and now her pants are all capris. I keep reading blogs and seeing pictures of all these adorable babies and toddlers in these cute dresses and tanks tops, as I dress my child in fleece pants and long sleeve shirts!  I have heard rumors that we may hit the 80's this weekend, that we are supposed to dry up Friday and it looks like dry times through atleast the middle of next week...I'm cautiously optimistic.

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