Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stepford Moms

In an attempt to make friends with other women with children I've joined a playgroup on We've made it to several of the playdates, and while everyone is so nice and friendly I still feel like an imposter or something. And I start to feel like the only Mom who doesn't "have it together". I mean where are the other Moms with dark circles under their eyes, wearing baby barf stained t-shirts, and hair they can't remember the last time they ran a brush through? Frankly I just don't know if I can handle hanging out with women who are able to make it to a 10am playdate fully dressed with makeup and perfect hair! I am starting to wonder if they are like that everyday or if they really are sick enough to spend extra time to make themselves look nice for a bunch of other women. I'm lucky to get a shower everyday before 10pm, I am certainly not going to attempt to put on makeup while trying to keep my curious crusier out of the toilet!

I don't know, maybe it's me... or maybe I need to start a group for "unperfect" Moms who live in apartments and don't wear designer clothes. I keep telling myself to not give up, because Ammy has alot of fun with the other kids, and maybe I just need to re-learn how to have girl friends, because right now this is only reminding me of all the reasons I don't really have women friends.

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