Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday party planning....

Invitations for Amryn's first birthday party went out this week. She'll definately have an interesting mix of people at her first party, we invited family (2 sets of grandparents, uncles, girlfriends and cousins) and "family" (a couple dozen gay uncles) and a few friends with their kids. This could either be a lot of fun or one giant strange mess. Sure, a part of me is kind of giddy with the idea of making my church going Mother in law sit next to one of my openly gay and slightly flaming best friends, but I also don't want the entire 2 hours to be totally awkward.

But if there is one thing I have learned about "my bois" it is that they tend to surprise even the most closed minded individual. Many of my friends are professionals with good stable jobs, and they are all very well mannered and articulate. Amryn is loved by a lot of people, and I don't ever want her to feel like she has to choose who to invite based on who they choose to love.

Unfortunately my husband's work has decided to make everyone work on the day of Amryn's party. They have to work 2 Saturdays a month, and it had been the second and fourth Saturdays, but because they are closing on Easter they decided to give everyone the second Saturday off and work the third Saturday instead. So now he has to take a vacation day for a day he SHOULD have had off any way! And the handful of friends we invited that work with him aren't going to be able to come to the party!! So we will be taking the leftover cake to work after the party so everyone can still see her.

We are doing a Winnie the Pooh 1st birthday theme, I have plates for the cake, cups, and napkins all with the Pooh theme (got those before we had to move to a restaurant) and a Pooh 1 candle, and a Happy Birthday banner. We still need to order the cake, and maybe a little "smash" cake for Ammy. We are having it at a pizza place so all we have to do is order food, I think I might call ahead and order the pizza so it will be ready when we get there. Once I know how many kids are coming, I will go to Dollar Tree and buy some Pooh puzzles/books/stickers for party favors.

Now I just hope people will actually RSVP!!

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