Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun Bites

Ammy and I had a playdate today with a few Moms and kids from the playgroup. There were two other April babies there, and a 9 month old. Amryn was having so much fun! She kept trying to kiss and hug the other little girl who was just 1 day older than her. She loved playing in this tent that they had.

It was nice for her to get some play time with kids her own age. So many of the playdates have had older kids.

And then it happened. The little boy came over to see what Amryn was doing, and Amryn being the trusting and curious little thing she is, stuck her finger in his mouth. The photo at the right was taken just seconds before the little bugger chomped down on my baby's finger like a dog with a bone! Amryn didn't know what was happening, and all the other Mom kept saying was "Oh, I forgot to tell you he bites." She pulls her kid off of Amryn and says to him "Oh it's okay, you didn't mean to." HUH?!? Seeing as he very nearly broke the skin I think he did damn well mean it! If it would have been Amryn biting I would have told her sternly "No biting!!" and this lady is comforting her little piranha?
Yes I know kids bite, and I'm sure this isn't going to be the last time in her life that she gets biten. But seriously, how is a kid supposed to learn NOT to bite unless they are taught that biting is not okay?
All in all we had a good time, Amryn cried for like a minute and then wanted to be put down so she could go play again, so I'm sure there's been no permanent damage. I guess she learned that sometimes, fun bites.

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  1. At least an apology to you would have been nice...and she tells him "you didn't mean to?" What the crap?!

    Oy...some people, I swear. But at least Amryn is OK.