Monday, March 30, 2009


My favorite broadway musical is coming to town in June, and when we heard this the hubby and I decided to save some of our tax return money to get tickets as part of our anniversary presents to each other. Well we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for them to go on sale with ticketmaster, and today a co-worker of my husband's told us about this fundraiser for the local AIDS charity, you can buy tickets to the opening night of the show plus you get a ticket for an after show cast party, and a portion is donated to the charity. I'm super excited to see the show again (this will be the 3rd time hehe) but I am even more excited for the cast party because the original Mark and Roger, Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp are going to be in the cast!! I just bought our tickets a little bit ago! Now I have to wait nearly 3 months!!

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  1. Wow...I'm not sure whether to thank you or curse you for this post. :) We LOVE Rent (though we have never seen it live)...and hearing Mark and Roger are back makes it that much better. Buuuut, we don't have the money right now. ARGH!

    I'm so jealous, as you can tell. Have fun!