Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun!

On Saturday a group my husband is involved in through work had a BBQ and picnic at a park. This park just happened to be just up the street from my in-laws so they stopped by and wanted to take Amryn over to another part of the park to play in the water. I really wanted to get some pictures, so my husband and I went along too.
Amryn went crazy! She loved playing in the fountains, when one would spray her in the face she'd just turn around and run the other way. She didn't care about all the big kids or anything. One Mom there even commented that she was "fearless". She probably would have stayed in there all day, but we finally pulled her out when she started shivering despite the 88 degree heat. We are definately going to have to go back there before the summer is over!

She was so busy running around and touching the water that this is the only picture I got where you can see her face!

Here she is fearlessly running under the spray of the big flower fountain.

Over- protective Daddy keeping his eye on her, as she's off and running again!

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