Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Terrible 2's-day errr Wednesday...

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday, so I was a bit busy and didn't get a chance to post my usual Terrible/Terrific 2's-day post...but that's okay because I didn't really have much to write about until today.

We live in a fairly large apartment complex made up of many many buildings, and in front of each building is a parking area, some with carports and some uncovered spots. Our parking spot is directly in front of our apartment, so when you open the door you can see our car. Usually when we go to leave, Amryn will walk out ahead of me and then stop right outside our door, and then I'll either shut and lock the door, or if my hubby is with us, he'll do it, and then I take Amryn's hand and we walk out to the car. Well today the 3 of us were leaving to go to the library, and I open the door and Amryn TAKES OFF RUNNING! I holler after her to stop, and when I realize that she's NOT STOPPING, and is almost past the parking spaces and INTO THE STREET! I start running and screaming at my husband (who is still inside w/ the door open, why I thought he could get to her faster I don't know.) She stops IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, just as I catch up to her, THANK GOD no cars were coming or going at that time (we live just 2 buildings in from the exit), because I'm pretty sure she's too small to be seen by someone in a car, I would hope that the sight of the crazy mother running and screaming would have slowed them down, but who knows. I grabbed that child by the arm and right in the middle of the street I swatted her on the butt twice, and told her that she is not allowed to run in the street! (I do realize this is a popular hot bed topic, and I do not believe in beating children, but I see nothing wrong with a couple of pops on her diapered butt when she has done something life-threatening dangerous.) Yea, I think that whole situation took a few years off my life! And now the new rule will be that Amryn must be holding my hand when I open the door! Ahh the terrible 2's.


  1. Right there with you! My 4yo scares me silly sometimes. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm a raving lunatic. LOL

    Thanks for the follow via FFF - gotcha back!

  2. I would have reacted the same way with my 2 year old, and I'm sure I'd be feeling a few years older at this time. Thanks for the follow and am following you back.