Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Terrific 2's-day (err...Wednesday)

Okay, so technically it is Wednesday, since it is 12:45am..but since I haven't been to bed yet I still say Tuesday. lol

A little background on today's post...I met my hubby through a personals ad he entitled "Shrek seeking his Fiona."  and one of our early dates was seeing Shrek the 3rd when it came out in theatres, so the Shrek movies have always had a special place in our hearts. So when we heard that a 4th Shrek movie was coming out we were really excited. Then we got to thinking about the possibility of taking Amryn with us to see her first movie, she likes to watch TV and has a pretty good attention span for a 2 year old, so we decided to give it a try.

Monday we decided that Tuesday would be the big day. We wanted to go to an early showtime during the week, so the theatre would be less crowded, so there would be less chance of annoying large amounts of people with a talking 2 year old ( but really it's a cartoon so if people can't get over the fact that there will be kids there and that hey, kids tend to make noise, then well, they should just wait for the DVD).  We really started hyping it up, telling her about the "big TV screen" and how she would have to be quiet while watching the movie. So all day yesterday all she talked about was going to see Shrek, and the "big TV" and "Shhh...quiet."

So we get to the theatre early, wanting to make sure to get a seat where Amryn would be able to see, and to have time to get settled and everything. She did really well sitting in her own seat, eating some popcorn, during the pre-show stuff, all the previews, and some of the movie.  But then she started to get a little antsy. So she sat with Daddy for a little while but then starting fussing a bit louder, so he took her out of the theatre for a minute to talk to her about being quiet. She came back in and stood up and walked between hubby and I for a good portion of the remainder of the movie, but she did a really good job at being quiet, and I think all and all for her first movie theatre experience she did an awesome job! Now all she talks about is Shrek, the dragon, and Donkey, so I'm guessing she did in fact watch the movie. So all in all it was a pretty terrific 2's-day. Next on the list...Toy Story 3!

(Oh, my review of the was good, not nearly as good as the other 3 though...)

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