Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yay! Potty training...yea...not so much...

So we've had this potty for awhile now about 6 months or so, it started off with Amryn just sitting on it with her clothes on, just to get her used to the idea and to adjust to it gradually. Then every once in awhile she would sit on it without her diaper, and 2 times she actually did pee. Since she's turned 2, I have been wanting to get serious about this potty training thing, and she seems to be showing all the signs, telling us when she's wet, taking her diaper off when she's wet etc. She also LOVES the Pull-ups (actually I guess ours are Easy-ups) because they have Dora on them (which she doesn't actually even know about since she's never seen an episode of Dora because I hate Dora, but that's a story for another time) and she will actually ask to wear "Doras" instead of diapers, but sadly 10 minutes later she's peed in the Doras and dang those things are expensive! If we take her to the bathroom every 15 minutes, she's peeing every 20 minutes in her Doras right after she sat on the potty! *sigh* I've thought about doing training underwear instead with plastic covers, but we only have like 3 pairs, and buying enough for her to pee her pants every 20 minutes everyday would be more expensive than the pull-ups. lol Others have suggested "Oh just let her run around naked" yea...we rent. (And I do not have a stream cleaner.) and we have a very curious dog who is known to be slightly inappropriate with the yea, naked not going to work so well. I know she'll get it, I know she won't be going to college in diapers, I know she's still pretty young...but it is still frustrating.

Now I've heard things about a 3-day program. Does anyone have and experience with this? Any good books you've read on the subject? How long do/did you have your child sit on the potty? I'm taking tips, so please comment away!

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  1. Ahhh, I'm fighting this battle still. Lauryn is almost 3. Some days she does great. Some days not so much. I quit buying the pull ups and went to training panties in January. I have a washer and dryer in the house so it's not too much of a strain to wash a load of panties once a day. We do treats. Every time she goes on the potty and not in her panties she gets a smiley face on her potty chart. Once she earns 7 smiley faces she gets a hershey's kiss, or lately cause Easter candy was on clearance a mini chocolate bunny. One day it all clicks, you just have to be patient until then. Not that it isn't a hard thing to do. I did read a book that recommended buying a potty chair and putting it in the bathroom, but letting the child discover and start using it on their own. Of course this is after almost a year of teaching her about the potty. SIGH.