Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terrific 2's-day - My sushi baby.

Ever since Amryn started eating solid foods my hubby and I have tried our best to introduce her to a variety of different foods, including things like Thai food and sushi. Now I will admit this isn't regular toddler fare, but I love the reactions we get when we pull the highchair up to the sushi bar. A terrific thing about having a 2 year old is that she can now express to us what things she likes to eat, and for several days Amryn had wanted sushi. So on Friday we hit one of our local sushi restaurants for their daily "Happy Hour" where everything on the rotating bar is only $1.50 each.

As soon as we get her strapped into the highchair she's reaching for the sushi bar saying "Sushi!! Sushi!!" We started off with some California rolls, and gave her one, she downed that thing in a split second was asking for more! Then we got a plate (3 pieces) or her favorite House Rolls which she ate all by herself and demanded more. At one point a member of the staff was walking by and stopped to watch as Amryn was eagerly shoving sushi into her mouth, I heard him kinda chuckle and walk away. This wasn't the first reaction we have gotten to Amryn's eating habits, one time at the same restaurant a lady was walking out and came up to us and said "She's the cutest little sushi baby I've ever seen!" I'm a firm believer that children are not born disliking certain foods, no one told Amryn that 2 year olds don't eat sushi so she doesn't think it is at all unusual, she just knows its one of her favorite foods, which I think is pretty terrific!

Amryn last summer at the sushi bar.

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  1. I think that is AWESOME! I'm such a picky eater it makes dinners and such very awkward. There are a ton of places that my family would love to go, but I won't eat anything there... so they are missing out. With all 3 kidlets, we have them try everything and I love seeing them be so much more adventurous than I am.