Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birthday and stuff...

So plans have been made to celebrate Amryn's 2nd birthday next weekend. We've invited family to join us at a local pizza place for lunch, and then we'll have cake and ice cream. She's only 2, and we don't really have friends that have kids her age, so planning some giant "kid" party would not only be way to expensive but also kinda pointless since she really won't care anyway. So we figured lunch at her favorite pizza place with family and maybe a few friends, and a Yo Gabba Gabba cake would be just fine.

Yesterday we went to Toys R Us to pick out her last birthday presents, the plan was that since we already got her a big gift (a toy kitchen we got on clearance at Target after Christmas for 50% and have had in storage ever since) that hubby and I would each pick out 1 thing for her that was around $20. Then we saw these bigger Little People sets, a house, a farm, or a parking garage, and I suggested to hubby that maybe we should combine our money and just get one of those. So we took one of each off the shelf and lined them up in front of Amryn and asked her which one she wanted, and she pointed to the farm. Of course we have both realized this is probably going to be the last time we are going to beable to take her shopping with us while buying gifts for her, I'm sure my Christmas time this year she's not going to forget quite as easily.

Speaking of forgetting, I recently got out some toys that had been put away for awhile, she has so many toys and we just don't have the room to have them all out all the time, and she acted like she had never seen them before! One toy, a tea set, has gotten a ton of use as she has made and poured tea for me, Daddy, and even the dog. I think we've all had about a gallon of imaginary tea by now. I guess it is just preparing us for the millions of plastic meals we'll be eating once she gets her kitchen for her birthday! I'm hoping that we can put it together on Thursday night after she goes to bed so when she gets up on her birthday Friday it will be there to surprise her. The biggest challange is going to be figuring out where to put it! I am thinking I'd like it in the living room so she can be with us and play, but I'm not quite sure if it will fit in the space available. I guess I better get hubby to drag it out of storage so we can get measurements.

My Dad got Amryn a trike for her birthday, which I know she will LOVE. Everytime we go outside she wants to play with the bikes in the bike rack at our complex. So I see many sunny days outside this summer with her scooting around on her trike. We're waiting for my Mom's box from Ohio, and then there's still my hubby's parents, and my step-sister also got her something. Seriously this child wants for nothing, and I think the toys may in fact take over our apartment! But I'm still excited to see her reaction to everything! I still can't believe my baby is going to be 2.

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