Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wanted to just crawl into a hole...

Have you ever had that nightmare where your child is screaming uncontrollably in the middle of a crowded library and everyone is staring at you? Crying so loudly that your husband, who is upstairs, can hear it and think to himself, "That sounds like my daughter, I better go see what's going on." Well that folks was my reality yesterday.

We went to the library, and Amryn and I were in the children's section while hubby went upstairs to look for somethings. Amryn was playing happily around a small table with another little girl that was probably about 3 years old, whose father was busy on a computer like 15 feet away and wasn't really paying attention to his kid, but that's a post for another day. Amryn ends up tripping on something, (her own feet?) and catches her chin on the side of the table, and instantly breaks out into a blood curdling scream. Of course everyone in the library can hear this inconsolable screaming child, and I'm getting the look of death from a number of patrons. (I wanted to scream at them, "Yes, I am aware that this is a library, and that my child is screaming, I really don't need your stares!) My first instinct is to run for the exit, but I've got a screaming child in my arms, and a stroller, plus all the books and movies we've picked out, I was contemplating just leaving the stroller and library books and movies when a library worker comes over to ask if she's okay (because she's still crying and screaming). I'm so annoyed, embarrassed and frustrated at this point that I basically just ignore the lady and say something like "Yea, she hit the table." I think the lady may have offered me some ice, I didn't really hear her because I was focused on getting to the door, when I see my hubby coming down the stairs. I briefly explained what happened and he scoops her up and heads for the exit.

He was finally able to calm her down enough to come back in and we got all the books and movies checked out. She's left with a gash on her chin where she kinda rubbed the skin off, but at least we were saved from having to go to the ER again.


  1. Well I am glad that Amryn is okay. She had every right to scream & cry. I would too. But I know how that feels when all eyes are on you, like you did something wrong. I hope you have a nice weekend:)

  2. im glad she is ok! Im a new follower...found you through baby center.