Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spoiled Rotten!

Well if any of you live in the Portland, Oregon area and smell a strange smell coming from the NW part of town, that would be my kid because she has seriously been spoiled rotten! We had Amryn's birthday party yesterday, she received 1- tricycle,and 1-jungle block set from one set of grandparents, 3 new outfits, a swimsuit, and a golf set from another set of grandparents, 1- Pooh boat blocks set, and an apron for her kitchen from her aunt,uncle, and cousins, and a $25 card to Old Navy from her oldest cousin and his girlfriend. On top of the barn and kitchen we got her, and the Tinkerbell CD player and books and CD's that the 3rd set of grandparents sent from Ohio. Yea...spoiled rotten!

After we had eaten lunch we get the cake all set up with the candle and we're ready to sing happy birthday, and right as we start singing, she sticks her hand in the cake! But she was a big girl and blew the candle out all by herself! Here's a video of Amryn devouring her cake, but she was a big girl and used her fork!

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