Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lots of Updates

We got our RENT tickets in the mail!! I am sooooooo excited, but I still have to wait over 2 months! :(

Hubby's paycheck snafu was all taken care of and we actually got both deposits in our account on Friday as scheduled!

Ammy is getting teeth like crazy!! Teeth 9 and 10 have just popped the gums! She the 4 front ones on top, 2 bottom front ones. 2 molars, the bottom and top on right side, and the newest editions the bottom left molar and the next bottom tooth on the left side! She has really been a fairly good teether, maybe a tiny bit more crabby, but nothing like the nightmares I've heard about. *knock on wood*

This day last year was my due date with Amryn. She didn't make her appearance until 9 day later, but through my entire pregnancy I always had April 7th stuck in my mind. I can't believe she is almost 1! I am so excited for her birthday party on the 18th!

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