Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Tweet or Not to Tweet...

So I've been hearing all this hype about Twitter lately, but haven't really gotten around to joining...I'm not really sure why. I have a Myspace page which I don't really do much with anymore except post pics and check out bulletins. I also have a Facebook but mostly just because my hubby was playing some game on it and decided to create a page for me to get me involved in the game so he could get things from my game for his. And I have this blog thing, which I'm almost certain less than 3 people actually read. (If you do read this, hey give a girl some comments, let me know you're out there!) Between Babycenter and the ever-growing list of blogs that I read, do I really need one more thing to do on the computer?

So my probably non-existent readers...leave me a comment and tell me why I should Tweet. Should I Tweet? What do you like about Tweeting? And if you are a Tweeter (Twitterer?) then maybe you could leave your info so if I do decide I want to give it a shot that I may actually have people to Tweet with or to or whatever.

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